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The OSS program to build your championship
Championship Generator produces a list of all the meetings which must occur between the participants of a championship. It can be used to produce the challenges between teams if competitions are not foreseen to directed elimination. It supports championships where it is necessary to consider the matches at home and away. It can also try to avoid fights between the big teams in the first and last days. It also supports the case in which two teams have a mutual stadium, and therefore cannot simultaneously play at home or away.

1/6/2005 - Version 3.2 released!
Bugfix in the graphical interface
Work both with Qt 4.1.0 and Qt 4.0.1
Added help
Editor improved

12/18/2005 - Version 3.1 released!
Focus release: minor bugfix in the graphical interface.
12/12/2005 - Version 3.0 released!
New program engine is available, windows version has now the installer!
11/15/2005 - Version 2.0 released!
GUI is rewritten with QT 4, windows version now available!
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